MDSS for Udo Zier GmbH

Marbach is not only a specialist for tools and services centered on packaging production, but also supplies systems for the storage of die packages. One of the satisfied customers who have installed a Marbach storage system is Udo Zier GmbH in Furtwangen, Germany.

Carsten Zier, Managing Director, Udo Zier GmbH, explains, “Before installing Marbach’s MDSS, we had stored our tools in two-storey heavy-duty racks with wooden partitions between the tools, there were no cassettes for the individual tool sets. Using this form of storage we increasingly reached our limits. The available storage space was simply no longer sufficient.”

He continues, “But that was not all: we not only wanted a storage system that would offer us more space and make optimal use of the available space. It also had to offer us other advantages, such as simple, safe and complete removal of the tool packages. The stored tools should also be protected in the best possible way. So we started looking for a suitable storage system and checked out various models. In the end, we decided on the storage system from Marbach. They not only convinced us with good planning and advice for the optimal use of space, but also with an attractive price and fast delivery time.”

The MDSS storage system consists of a rack frame into which individual tool cassettes are inserted. It is complemented by suitable handling devices for removal and transport to where it is used. The MDSS has a modular design and can be configured to suit individual customer requirements. Various cassette sizes and handling systems are available for this purpose. An MDSS can be installed as a storage system directly at the die-cutting machine, or in a separate warehouse. It may consist of a few storage locations or can be a large-scale storage system with several 1,000 storage locations on several levels.

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