mcut|notch-duo from Marbach

Besides its extensive portfolio of materials, Marbach Die Supplies also offers various devices centered on die-cutting. One of these devices for increased performance in diemaking, is the mcut|notch-duo step notcher. This device ensures that notches from line materials are produced quickly and reliably.

The hand-held mcut|notch-duo is a step notcher that has two different notchers with different widths (3-10mm) both in one device.

AndrĂ© Angermeir, Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies, explains, “The mcut|notch-duo is special, because it combines the functionality of two devices in one. It is also robust and has an excellent cutting ratio. The special cutting geometry of the mcut|notch-duo ensures an easy and clean cut as well as perfect results, and the manual gauge during notching guarantees correct positioning of the notches. The smooth and stepless depth adjustment of up to 19mm makes notching safe and easy.”

The mcut|notch-duo is available for line materials in 2pt and 3pt.

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