McLean Packaging opts for Scodix 6500 SHD Press

Scodix has confirmed the sale of its Ultra 6500 SHD to US-based corrugated and folding carton manufactuerer, McLean Packaging Corp, at drupa.

Left to right: Eli Grinberg (Scodix), Sam McConnell (McLean), Mark Nixon (Scodix), Mike Pasciolla (McLean), Jeff Besnick (McLean), Fred Sciuto (Scodix) and Shawn Hintosh (McLean).

With three production facilities and over 200 employees, McLean has been a major player in the American packaging market for over 60 years. Renowned for a variety of packaging solutions from cosmetics and spirits to high end consumer goods and confectionary, the Scodix Ultra 6500 SHD Digital Enhancement Press will be a key aspect in delivering the highest quality embellishments across a range of brand packaging.

“Scodix has exceeded the usual benefits of digital finishing and has the added bonus of impressive sustainable credentials,” Jeff Besnick, Vice President, McLean Packaging comments. “The range of finishing embellishments is impressive. We are confident that Scodix will take our customer’s products to the next level, and we will see impressive results in our packaging. We were drawn to the Scodix Ultra 6500 press because of its flexibility to offer so many different solutions across many raw material types, benefiting each of our divisions. It’s a game changer.”

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