McLaren Packaging sponsor MacLean brothers

Port-Glasgow headquartered whisky packaging company McLaren Packaging, is sponsoring the bold bid by Ewan, Jamie and Lachlan MacLean to be the first three brothers and the youngest trio to row the Atlantic in the world’s toughest race. 

The team of three brothers from Edinburgh with a shared passion for adventure, sport and music, hope to complete the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which began this month in the Canary Islands and finishes in Antigua around 3,000 miles later, completely unsupported, and raise money and awareness for charities Feedback Madagascar & Children 1st. 

Michael McLaren, Sales and Marketing Director, McLaren Packaging, said: “We are a family-business and, as such, are delighted to lend our support to this bold endeavour to win the world’s toughest race. 

“The personal connection underlying our sponsorship is that the MacLean brothers are the three sons of celebrated whisky historian Charlie MacLean, who helped my late father, and McLaren Packaging founder, pen his autobiography, so it is only fitting that we should lend our support to this exciting venture.” 

“We are thrilled to secure this support from a fellow brotherly venture in McLaren Packaging,” said Lachlan MacLean. 

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