McGowans enhance their sustainability reporting, with CarbonQuota

McGowans, the Dublin and Belfast based print and design company, has confirmed their recent partnership with CarbonQuota, signalling their commitment to delivering accurate sustainability reporting.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, McGowans have recognised that safeguarding reputation and meeting evolving regulatory demands through accurate reporting, transparency, and carbon footprint reduction are crucial. The pursuit of credible carbon disclosure from the print industry is moving at pace, and critical for businesses looking to attract new customers and thrive in the sector.

McGowans are already active members of World Land Trust, supporters of FSC, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Pledge and Ecovadis. The company have followed the path of removing solvents, waste segregation, recycling, anti-landfill waste systems, reducing power consumption and installing solar panels. However, the shifting landscape of sustainable action, what is best practice and what is deemed market acceptable still lacks clarity when it comes to maintaining a responsible pathway to reducing carbon footprints. It was CarbonQuota, a sector specialist delivering carbon-tech solutions, who were able to shine a light on what these standards should be and allowed McGowan to continue their journey to reducing their environmental impact on our fragile ecosystem. CarbonQuota offers access to five years of activity-based, scientifically sound and real sector data to measure carbon emissions accurately.

“We believe that to truly make a difference, we need solid, measurable data,” said Emerson Palmer, Sales Director, McGowans. “Through our partnership with CarbonQuota, we can now show tangible results and provide our customers with accurate, informed data on their consumption behaviours.”

McGowans initially engaged CarbonQuota to assess their Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint, effectively measuring the direct carbon contributions of the entire organisation. The results not only established a reliable baseline but also provided valuable recommendations for McGowans’ carbon reduction strategy.

CarbonQuota’s carbon calculator has since been integrated into McGowans’ MIS. This integration captures specification data at point of entry for a quotation and returns product-level carbon footprints. The calculator offers a holistic perspective, considering not only McGowans’ facilities but also those of their suppliers and their suppliers’ suppliers. This approach results in a broader and more accurate carbon value dataset that can be reported to environmental disclosure platforms, such as Ecovadis, and shared directly with customers to drive eco-design decision making.

Robyn Newberry, Head of Marketing, CarbonQuota, added, “By integrating the carbon footprint at quoting stage, printers can engage their customers in informed and confident conversations about the environmental impact of their products, elevating the discussion beyond price. This is absolutely the standard we should be striving for in the industry.”

Palmer concludes, “We all need to seriously reflect on the impact our business and personal choices make in our most fragile and precious world. Compromise, consideration, education, and making longer term positive choices will leave our world in a better place for our future generations. These are virtues we continually recite and act upon in McGowans. We see CarbonQuota as another tool in our arsenal of positive progression towards a more sustainable company.”

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