MBO for Mansfield Board Machinery

Mansfield Board Machinery Ltd has successfully completed an MBO, which sees the company ownership change from Ian and Paula Mansfield to Nikki Bratherton, Kevin Dartnell and Beccy Dartnell, all of whom have worked in the business for many years.

Ian and Paula Mansfield will continue as consultants for the time being with their medium-term plan to retire from the industry. The new management team at MBM commended the Mansfield’s for their service to the company and the contribution made to the wider corrugated industry.

Left to right: Beccy and Kevin Dartnell, Paula and Ian Mansfield, and Nikki Bratherton.

Ian Mansfield says, “Having worked in the family business since 18 years old, it has been a life’s work in association with the corrugated industry. I am proud to be able to pass on the legacy of this thriving company to such a talented and deserving team. Working closely with Nikki, Kev and Beccy over the years, we clearly share the same standards and aims. I look forward to seeing MBM celebrate its 50th anniversary and beyond.”

All parties were keen that MBM remain as a family-run business, with the significance for the successors to have a proven track record of understanding the businesses needs, not only in terms of employees, but for the worldwide network of customers, agents and distributors also. All remain at the forefront of Mansfield’s success.

The MBM brand has grown significantly throughout the years. It was established in 1978 and continues to grow as it offers increasing numbers of products which are precision manufactured and supplied from the factory in Northampton. The new owners remain focused on retaining their experienced workforce along with having the ability for the company to adapt in order to react swiftly to ever changing demands of the corrugated industry.

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