Materials Handling Investment for CBS

UK-based CBS Packaging has started an ongoing investment plan to improve productivity at its Birmingham plant.

After a thorough planning process, installation will soon begin on a fully automated conveying system, that will transport loads from the converting machinery to finished goods. This investment will see significant improvements in plant productivity and overall efficiency.

This new system will reduce downtime, and provide increased health & safety benefits, reducing forklift movements and labour requirements in the manufacturing process. The system is being manufactured and installed by Avanti Conveyors and the project is due to be complete by the end of 2022.

This investment also includes the Press Master strapping machines and automatic wrapper, supplied by Gordian Strapping.

“This is the start of a new wave of investments we are planning at CBS Packaging Group,” said Jitha Singh, Managing Director. “This latest project will see our West Bromwich plant increase productivity and employee safety through automatic conveyor systems. This investment is a fantastic opportunity to further support our team and increase workplace efficiency.”

“The implementation of the replacement of the whole Finished Goods Line is an exciting step forward for us at CBS Packaging, removing the roller conveyors and replacing with a safer blue belt system with designated crossing area’s and improving the capacity of the line by 50%,” adds David Pretty, Group Operations Manager. “With the inline wrapping capability and all routes now covered by the improved layout truck movements and manual intervention will be reduced, improving the process speed of the finished product and in turn the machine capacities themselves with the reduction in downtime.”


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