Martin sales team responds to growing demand

Martin Automatic welcomed its international sales team to the company HQ in Rockford IL in July.

The meeting proved an ideal opportunity to update members of staff with the latest and extensive range of Martin products and applications, as well as induct them into the traditional Martin culture.  “This is primarily the pursuit of excellence in caring for our customers’ needs and learning to be good stewards of the trust they place in us,” said Gavin Rittmeyer, VP Sales & Marketing.

The production floor in July showed the scale of Martin’s diverse market applications – this giant MTL is the third to be delivered to one of the leading US manufacturers of roofing shingles.

A tour of the production hall typified Martin’s business, with the variety of different OEM corporate colors on show for both narrow and wide web technology, and the vast difference in size between the popular splicers and rewinders up to the giant machines manufactured for handling asphalt shingles in the building trade.

“We are honored that customers from a cross section of industries continue to favor Martin for its robust ‘keep it simple’ design philosophy from labels to paperboard and on to large format converting processes.  Our continuous pursuit of best practices attracts both new employees and new customers alike and is critical to us retaining business and securing repeat orders,” he added.

Seen as both a valuable bonding session for company personnel and an opportunity to freely discuss how global market changes and developments impinge on the company’s R&D of future technology, the Sales Meeting was hailed a success by all who attended.

Rittmeyer concluded, “We live in a time of continual change where it is even more important to work closely with our customers to understand and solve their problems.  Expanding a Sales Team is easy – it’s the technical training and understanding of the company culture that is the key to success here and is what sets Martin apart from its competitors.”

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