Martin Müller leaves Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG

For more than 35 years, Martin Müller has transformed Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG from a small supplier of corrugated board and wooden packaging into an internationally successful and technologically leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging solutions. His outstanding commitment, strategic vision and his unconditional will to achieve entrepreneurial excellence have shaped Tricor and made it what it is today: a leading and high-performance solution provider for industrial packaging in Europe.

In 2019, Martin Müller (pictured left) and his co-owners decided to sell the majority of the shares to a strategic investor in preparation for a long-term succession plan. Since then, 100% of the shares have been held by the Japanese business, Rengo Co. Ltd, which sees Tricor as an important basis for expanding its international activities. An investment programme for acquisitions and further capacity expansions for the next few years clearly underlines the continuing growth plans.

When Müller sold his shares in 2019, he declared his willingness to actively accompany the future development of Tricor over the transition phase and to promote its further strategic positioning. The course has been set. At the age of 60, Müller has now retired from the Executive Board on 15 May 2022; however, he will continue to support the company in an advisory capacity until January 2023. Even if the current geopolitical situation is troubling, with his support, the company continues the strategic growth plans including acquisitions and a new Greenfield production site. This will open promising new opportunities and create additional value for customers, employees and owners alike.

Robert Wiblishauser, Tricor’s Chief Financial Officer and former Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, succeeded Müller as the Chairman of the Executive Board on 16 May 2022. Klaus Wiblishauser has become the new Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board. Thomas Aust and Co Kroon will remain active in their current functions on the Executive Board. Dr Günther Burkhard is newly appointed CFO; Nico Weis will strengthen the Executive Board team as a deputy member. The Greenfield project will continue to be implemented under the leadership of Markus Schmidt.

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