Martin Automatic installs renewable energy

Martin Automatic has confirmed a recent investment in renewable energy at its headquarters in Rockford, IL, with the successful implementation of a solar panel project that will help power its manufacturing center.

The solar panel installation atop Martin Automatic’s headquarters is one of the largest installations of its kind in northern Illinois.

According to Martin, the solar initiative had been under evaluation for several years culminating in roof modifications on its 170,000 sq ft facility, a white silicone reflective coating being applied, and a total of 2,800 solar panels being installed in three different fixed planes to harness the sun’s light most efficiently.  The 1.2-megawatt system represents one of the largest building solar installations in northern Illinois. The initial results indicate savings greater than were originally projected, with the company reporting a reduction in electricity costs of more than 75% from the same period last year. Excess electricity generated from the panels is returned to the local power company as part of a net metering program to offset costs during cloudier periods.

Jonathan Bauch, CFO, said, “The renewable energy aspect is significant. We looked at this project as we do other capital outlays, to be sure it would give us a return on our investment that would make us more efficient and positioned for greater success.”  Bauch cited similar examples of recent investments, such as energy-efficient LED lighting installations for the factory and offices as well as high-end automated machining centers and streamlined IT systems.

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