Mark-Maker adds XSYS Catena-W washout unit

Wyoming, MI-based Mark-Maker Co is a medium-sized commercial platemaker and trade shop, which serves a wide variety of customers with high-quality flexo plates and cutting dies for the corrugated industry.

Its daily challenges are the same that are faced throughout the packaging industry; customers demand faster turnaround so they can reduce time to market while having the same high expectations in terms of quality without wanting to pay more. The solution is to maximize the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in the plate room by investing in platemaking equipment that delivers the best performance, highest productivity, and best quality.

Constantly pushing forward with the latest technology, Mark-Maker is one of the first in the US to install the ThermoFlexX Catena-W washout unit from XSYS. Already delivering higher plate quality and optimized processing times for the company, the new washer has fast become an integral part of the workflow.

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