marbapoint set-up aid ensures process reliability during stripping

With its stripping technologies, Marbach offers an extensive portfolio of products for smooth processes and waste-free stripping. An important product, which is the basic requirement for a stable stripping process, is the precision set-up aid: marbapoint.

It is used to position the upper and lower stripping parts with precision in relation to each other. The marbapoint is a simple and cost-effective way of optimising the set-up process. As of now, a special magnetic holder is available for the marbapoint, which can be attached directly to the die-cutting machine.

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager, Marbach, says, “Those of our customers who use the marbapoint are enthusiastic about the shorter set-up times, the easy handling and the increased safety of their stripping process. With our new magnetic holder, the marbapoint can now also be kept perfectly organised. Machine operators can decide for themselves the best place to attach it to the die-cutting machine.”

To ensure that the stripping process runs optimally during packaging production, the die-cutting sheet and the upper and lower stripping parts have to be positioned precisely in relation to each other. If this is not done, process errors will occur.

Reisser continues, “The conventional set-up of a stripping tool can be quite complicated and time consuming. But not with our marbapoint – it makes it easy to precisely position the male stripper in relation to the female stripper. It can be simply removed from the magnetic holder, inserted into a socket located in the upper part of the tool, and then switched on. A specially calibrated laser light directed at a marking cross on the lower part shows the operator the optimum position of the male stripper in relation to the female stripper. This is done quickly and easily. Our customers not only save time during set-up, but also lay the foundation for an optimal stripping process with maximum productivity and zero waste. After use, the marbapoint can simply be put back into the magnetic holder ready for its next use.”

Due to the time saved during set-up and the increase in process reliability, productivity during stripping increases. As a result, the purchase of a marbapoint pays for itself within a short time, claims the company.

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