marbaject excels in daily use

In July, Marbach introduced its new high-performance rubber for corrugated board cutting-dies under the name marbaject. This new type of rubber is being increasingly used in the market and is popular with customers.

The rubbering has a significant influence on the performance behaviour of a die-cutter during production. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate rubber for the cutting-die used is vital.

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager, explains, “There are numerous rubber materials on the market. However, these repeatedly reach their limits in application, which is the feedback we receive from our customers.”

A rubber must meet many different requirements, because a cutting-die usually has to be equipped with different types of rubber, rubbers with different properties are required – depending on the point of use in the tool. These rubbers must be perfectly matched to each other to ensure optimum functionality. But that’s not all: good ejection behaviour, high abrasion resistance and durability, as well as a good adhesive functionality with equally good removability are required properties.

Brunner continues, “marbaject has been designed to meet precisely these properties. We repeatedly adapted the formula in the course of development until we were finally able to hold up the perfect result: marbaject. Our current success has proven us right: more and more customers want our new marbaject rubber for their corrugated board molds, because its value has been proven in daily use. Because tools with marbaject rubber ensure high die-cutting machine performance and efficiency in packaging production.”

The new marbaject rubber is available in shore hardnesses 20, 35, 40, 45 and 55. Colour coding ensures easy handling during maintenance or repair.

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