marbacover|2.0 is new

With the cutting-die marbacover|2.0, Marbach has launched a new cutting-die for the production of corrugated packaging.

This tool solution makes it possible to reduce bursting inner layers on corrugated board to a minimum and achieve optimum die-cutting results.

Ralf Nuyken, Marbach industry manager, explains, “During the production of corrugated packaging, the inner layers of the corrugated board can burst, especially when liners made from materials with lower quality properties are used. One solution that can minimise the occurrence of bursting inner layers is marbacover|2.0. This special tool is fully covered with rubber material. This ensures that the corrugated board is compressed over its entire surface during the die-cutting process, significantly reducing tensions and cracks in the corrugated board, resulting with only a slight loss of caliber.”

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