Marbach launches sustainability project

As a traditional family business that has been active in the market for 100 years, it is a matter of principle for Marbach Group to preserve the environment in the best possible way for future generations.

Bernd Klenk, Managing Director, says, “Since the foundation of the Marbach company in 1923, we have coped with many challenges: inflation, war, recession, as well as the pandemic and procurement crisis. And yet, our company has always endured and today it is difficult to imagine the industry without it. We will strive to secure this continuity in the future as well.”

Marbach has been intensively engaged with the issue of sustainability for many years. It is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. In the future, however, Marbach will focus even more on the idea of sustainability in its business activities and has started a large sustainability project.

Within the scope of this project, Marbach has defined what sustainability means for the company and how exactly it can make its contribution to a sustainable future. In this context, Marbach not only deals with the ecological aspects of the topic of sustainability but also with the economic and social ones.

Klenk continues, “Sustainability means future for us: future for our company, future for following generations and future for our earth. In our first sustainability report, we show how we act as a company and what objectives we have set ourselves for the future.”

However, the sustainability report is only one part of Marbach’s sustainability project. In addition to its first environmental guideline, Marbach has also recently published a new Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the company has joined the UN Global Compact. This embraces the vision of a more inclusive and sustainable economy with the aim of initiating change processes in companies and strategically anchoring sustainability. By joining, Marbach demonstrates its commitment to the ten sustainability principles of the United Nations.

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