Marbach launches new steel counter plates

Marbach has recently launched marbazero, a new additional equipment for steel counter plates. marbazero ensures even more performance when die-cutting.

The use of steel counter plates has many advantages for a packaging manufacturers. They benefit from fast machine speeds, beautiful packaging, stable nicks and constant creasing values.

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager, says, “In practice, with conventional steel counter plates it often happens that the steel counter plate does not fit the tool perfectly. As a result longer set-up times are necessary. In addition, a conventional steel counter plate can only be used on one particular machine, because each machine model requires a different steel counter plate contour. As a result, flexibility is out of the question. That is why we have developed marbazero. Bad registers from tool to steel counter plate and a lack of flexibility in the production of a packaging manufacturer are now things of the past. But that’s not all: with marbazero, our customers significantly reduce their set-up times for steel counter plates, down to almost zero. So with marbazero, the steel counter plate as counter plate becomes a must-have for every job.”

marbazero is available for folding carton die-cutters up to format 162.

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