Marbach Corporate Social Responsibility

Marbach, the Germany-based manufacturer of cutting-dies and thermoforming tools, is a family business with almost 100 years of tradition. In 2018 they developed a Code of Conduct to achieve fair and sustainable interaction. It defines values, ethics, leadership, the behaviour of employees towards each other and towards customers and the environment. The company not only commits itself and its employees to comply with this Code of Conduct, but its suppliers too.

Marbach CSR representative, Birgit Schuster says, “The Code of Conduct defines our standard for legally compliant and responsible behaviour. It describes our conduct towards business partners and the public, but also in our internal interaction with each other. Every employee is obliged to observe the principles laid down in this Code.”

The company expects its suppliers and consultants to comply with the requirements of the Code of Conduct and to commit themselves to this contractually. Marbach has defined these expectations in its Principles of Purchasing. Schuster continues, “In this way we can ensure that both our employees and our suppliers share the idea of our CSR concept and that we all assume joint responsibility for people and the environment.”
In addition to the Code of Conduct, Marbach has continued to work on its energy consumption reduction and continues to be active in the social field.

Schuster explains that, “In 2018, we supported the local daycare centre with various projects. At Christmas, we also donated to the anti-freeze protection of the Aufbaugilde in Heilbronn to help ensure that homeless people do not have to sleep outside in winter. In addition, a donation went to Help e.V. This will finance the care of 350 needy families in Burkina Faso. These families will receive basic agricultural equipment and seeds to cultivate 0.5 hectares of land and so be able to provide for themselves. They will be accompanied and trained to ensure long-term self-sufficiency.”

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