Majan starts up manroland R707 LV

Majan Printing & Packaging is one of the largest packaging printers in the Middle East, located in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The company was originally established in 1996 and in just 20 years, has become the largest duplex board converter in the Gulf region.

New press for Majan

The company recently took delivery of a manroland HiPrint R707 LV, sold by regional agent, Dynagraph. The press was delivered and installed in June of 2016. In order to improve performance, drive productivity and help reduce operating costs, the machine has the ability to simultaneously load plates for a productivity boost; at the press of a button, operators will be able to carry out plate loading as well as blanket and impression cylinder cleaning all at the same time. Saving up to 7.5 minutes per job and taken over consecutive shifts, this can add up to 2,700,000 sheets of extra capacity in a typical annual workflow. It also comprises a precision sheet guiding technology that improves operating efficiency, with suction belts replaces traditional suction rollers. The ability to grip the sheet over a larger area delivers more precise control over feeding and greater control of sheet braking, even at high speeds. With more accurate control comes both higher production speeds and enhanced stacking quality; with an increased maximum printing speed of up to 17,200 sheets per hour delivers opportunities for shorter lead times, increased output and vastly improved efficiency. The upgraded Inline Inspector enhances quality control and sustainable printing outcome — not to forget the sheet numbering system that speeds up error detection.

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