Maintenance Improves Baler Performance

Balers used as part of a recycling process are often subjected to extremely harsh operating environments and are expected to perform hour after hour, seven days a week with little or no planned, regular maintenance. While some balers will rumble on, turning a blind eye to maintenance means that many are under-performing and the productivity of the recycling plant is compromised. 

Dean Clarke, Managing Director of Presona UK, explains, “Lack of maintenance is a big issue – but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple steps that in-house engineers can undertake as part of a planned maintenance routine which will make a real difference to baler performance. But, that is not a substitute for a full, regular service.”

Clarke recommends that those buying a new or reconditioned baler should insist that a service and maintenance programme is provided as standard. Clients should also be provided with initial maintenance training and ongoing engineering support to optimise performance, maximise energy efficiency and extend lifespan and return on investment. “It is also important that any new parts installed are of the highest quality. We only fit genuine Presona parts on our Presona balers. We know that this extends the life of the baler significantly,” he said.

Presona balers

The Presona team can provide a scheduled, preventive maintenance programme, giving recyclers and waste management companies the best possible guarantee of a long baler life. The programme will ensure that users enjoy trouble-free operation, maximum possible operator safety, the ability to eliminate knee jerk maintenance actions and expensive spare parts orders.

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