L&W Sample Cutter is new

ABB is expanding their portfolio and has released the new L&W Sample Cutter, a new device for sample preparation that can be used with two of their lab testing devices, the Tearing Tester and Bending Tester. It can also be used with the L&W Autoline Elrepho Module.

The L&W Sample Cutter is a triple shear, manually operated cutting tool for easy and quick preparation of accurate and precise test pieces for use in tearing, bending resistance and folding strength tests. The punch and die are made of sturdy tempered tool steel to ensure precision cutting, essential for reliable testing across a wide range of paper grades and grammages.

Operation is simple, with the samples needing to be correctly placed in the machine and cross-machine directions aligned with the back stop within the cutter. The ergonomic design and slanting edges of the punch ensure that only slight to moderate force is needed to cut the test pieces.

The cut test pieces slide towards the operator automatically for quick and safe collection of the test pieces. Furthermore, there is a safety device around the punch to protect the operator from hand or finger injuries

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