Luxury presentation boxes for Scotch whisky range

Luxury packaging specialist Pusterla 1880 has produced presentation boxes for Wildmoor, a new range of blended Scotch whiskies from William Grant & Sons (WG&S).

Over the past six decades, WG&S has built a stock of high-aged scotch whiskies, with a range of 23, 30, and 40-year-old whiskies. The Wildmoor brand is said to represent both the ‘incredible liquid craft’ of the whiskies and the wilderness inspiration that sits behind them.

Pusterla explained that the visual identity for Wildmoor is ‘bold and contemporary’, featuring a ‘chiselled from stone’ aesthetic that gives it an ‘enduring, timeless quality’. This is echoed by the packaging, with a bottle that has been designed to feel as if it has been cut from the landscapes it expresses, and presentation boxes with a stylistic minimalist appearance that depict these same scenes.

Careful paper selection was required to ensure perfect definition for the imagery on the boxes and maximise the effect of the copper foil decoration for the Wildmoor logo. Pusterla recommended GF Smith MAX for the boxes for the two younger blends, due to its print receptive coating. This is described as providing a high clarity image and, although a coated paper, offers an uncoated feel in keeping with the naturalness of the images.

The presentation boxes also complement the oblong design of the bottle. Boxes for the younger age whiskies incorporate top opening while the Black Mountain 40-year-old variety’s box features a front opening design. This box is produced in a contrasting all-black design, with its featured landscape achieved by using hints of white ink as a base under CMYK. The box incorporates a leather pull tab with a debossed Wildmoor logo. Pusterla added that the use of special coatings avoids any marks during production – particularly important for the lighter coloured boxes. The boxes for the younger whiskies do not include any plastics or magnets, making them fully recyclable.

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