Lubox choose Celmacch

Lubox Imballagi S.r.l is based in the province of Naples and is a family-owned company operating as a box manufacturer for the food sector.

In particular, Lubox is a benchmark in its local area for the supply of pizza boxes. The company is expanding its core business by stepping into the production of boxes with HD flexo printing for entry into high value-added food sectors.

With a view to strengthening and expanding its printing capacity, Lubox decided to invest in a new Celmacch rotary die-cutter – the machine was installed in July. The decision was to go with a top-printing model comprising a vacuum feeder, four top printing units, four chamber doctor blade systems, four automatic washing systems, a high precision rotary die-cut unit and a stacker.

The XFP 170 press was developed by Celmacch to be flexible and user-friendly for operators. The compact footprint and state-of-the-art technology make this machine the perfect solution for companies looking for a compact, user-friendly machine. Siemens direct-drive technology, high-precision vacuum conveyors and attention to detail also guarantee the highest printing standards.

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