Local Community and Industry combine – LuBiCa has Fosber as sponsor once again

Lucca has a long history of paper production, producing household paper goods and cardboard. That history makes Lucca the natural host city for LuBiCa, a biennial celebration of art and design in paper.

Held every other year, the Lucca Biennial Cartasia – LuBiCa – has established itself as a most prominent celebration of one of Lucca’s most famous industrial products – paper and cardboard. Running for two months, LuBiCa is an indoor and outdoor exhibition of art and sculptures, all made of paper and cardboard. They also host fashion shows, with the dresses and costumers all being made of paper and paper-based materials.

‘The White Page’ is the theme of this year’s edition. A blank page has a double-sided message: could represent endless opportunities and at the same time the anxiety of it all, the possibility of a brighter future and a leap of faith into the unknown, a blank page is a bridge between the past and the future.

In keeping with the heritage of paper and cardboard having been produced in the region for centuries, the large majority of the paper and cardboard used for the artistic sculptures and pieces of art have been provided to the artists by local corrugated and cardboard manufacturers. But not only does it celebrate paper and cardboard at a time when society embraces the concept of sustainability and recyclability, the LuBiCa also recognises the rich history of design and architecture that Lucca is so well known for.

“The LuBiCa is a most important event, one that Fosber Group is once again very happy to sponsor,” says Marco Bertola, CEO. “Sustainability is at the heart of what Fosber stands for, as our entire machinery product range is dedicated to the manufacture of corrugated board, which is of course the most highly recyclable and sustainable of packaging materials. The organisers of LuBiCa do a wonderful job in promoting the artistic merit of paper and cardboard and as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment that makes cardboard, it is our honour to support this wonderful celebration of everything that is paper and cardboard.”

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