Lithomecanica for Edale in Greece and Cyprus

To support its drive to provide global service and support, Edale have appointed Lithomecanica Ltd as their agent for Greece and Cyprus.

Lithomecanica Ltd was established in 1964 and is highly regarded in the industry where they represent a number of manufacturers in the region. They cover a wide range of products, focusing on offset, letterpress, gravure, screen printing, and also specialising in pre-press equipment and supply.

Alexia Bacopoulou, Co-Owner and Markos Chorianopoulos, Sales Manager of Lithomecanica Ltd, comment, “We are looking forward to starting our collaboration with Edale, as we believe that a trustworthy partnership with the customer is the best way to achieve the best possible printing results. We are proud of this new partnership with Edale and their innovative printing solutions.”

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