Litho Press installs the first 51″ x 73″ cold foil unit from Eagle Systems

Litho Press, located in Indianapolis, IN, recently started up their new cold foil unit from Eagle Systems.

Eagle Systems and Litho Press partnered back in 2020 to develop and build a one-of-a-kind cold foil unit. The Litho Press website boasts this as the world’s largest cold foil unit, with stamping capabilities of 51″ x 73″.

“We saw the increase of using foil stamping over the last 20 years. With the cost savings and higher quality of cold foil versus hot stamp technology, we felt that we should bring this offering to our customers in the large format industry,” said Bernie Lacy, vice president of Litho Press. “We are proud to have the world’s largest cold foil unit and the ability for designers and marketers to take advantage of this new exciting new opportunity for their packaging.”



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