Lessebo Paper supports World Childhood Foundation

Lessebo Paper, one of the oldest paper manufacturers in Sweden which supplies graphic papers as well as packaging grades, has partnered with the World Childhood Foundation to shed light on the issue of child abuse and support the Foundation in their work in keeping children safe.

Together, they invest in local initiatives and innovative solutions that help children and families in vulnerable situations, both in Sweden and abroad. Currently, Lessebo Paper and Childhood are creating a room at the Childhood Match Cup on Marstrand in Sweden for shedding a light on this topic and for children to be creative.

“Children are our future and within Lessebo Paper, their safety is part of our sustainability work,” says Jens Olson, CEO, Lessebo Paper. “We see Childhood’s work as a way to ensure all children’s right to a safe upbringing no matter where they are in the world.”

Currently, Lessebo Paper is offering its product portfolio of innovative graphic paper in the premium segment for the sailing competition Childhood Match Cup. There, children can be creative with paper, pearls, crayons, and other fun activities in a tent together with the World Childhood Foundation.

“We are proud to be at Marstrand alongside Lessebo Paper. It gives us the opportunity to jointly raise awareness of what we as adults can do to protect children. Through our partnership and our joint efforts, we want to strengthen all children’s right to a safe upbringing free from physical and sexual abuse,” says Paula Guillet de Monthoux, Secretary General of the World Childhood Foundation.

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