Lessebo Paper is growing within the luxury packaging segment

Sweden-based Lessebo Paper says it is committed to delivering high performance, environmentally friendly paper and board to the international market. With two new launches in 2022, Lessebo Paper is currently gaining attention within the luxury packaging segment.

“We can see that the interest for our paper has increased, especially for applications where quality and environmental performance is a priority”, explains Jens Olson, CEO, Lessebo Paper (pictured left).

Earlier this year, the company launched the new concept Lessebo Texture™, a service where the customer can choose a surface pattern that is then embossed on the sheet. In November, Lessebo will take the next big step towards the luxury packaging market. It is currently developing a new quality that will further the future of environmentally friendly luxury packaging applications. The new range of paper will entail a curated palette of colours.

Lessebo Paper was recently accepted as member of the Paper Profile. As part of the membership, the company has now launched environmental product declarations for all their qualities. “Being part of the Paper Profile is a way for us at Lessebo Paper to show our commitment to reducing our environmental impact,” adds Olson. “We have had a strong environmental focus for a long time, something that has accelerated in the past years and we are now one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world. We are looking at the future with confidence, especially with our new launch coming up.”

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