LeadEdge Flexo develops fast-drying plate sealer

LeadEdge Flexo has confirmed the launch of 347 Plate Sealer, a fast-drying plate sealer that has been developed to improve and unlock additional production efficiencies.

Forming a skin in just 3 mins and 47 secs – hence the name – 347 Plate Sealer has been formulated in response to customer feedback for a faster drying solution. 347 Plate Sealer helps secure plates in place on the shim more rapidly, quickly creating a protective barrier to prevent debris and fluids disrupting the mounting process. It also expedites getting to hanging and stacking of print stereos. The result? Production is optimised and efficiencies gained.

This compares to a previous drying time of 20-30 mins, as with the previous version. Having gone back to the drawing board with the product development team, 347 Plate Sealer has been formulated to deliver an industry-leading drying time.

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