Latest EcoVadis rating shows sustainability at BOBST is on the rise

In its 2030 vision, BOBST has declared sustainability as one of its four pillars, meaning the Group intends to take strong actions and report publicly along the strictest Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) standards. The first step was an assessment of the current situation in order to set the right course.

Bobst asked EcoVadis – the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings – to provide an initial sustainability rating early in 2021, which led to a result of 34 points. One and a half year later, Bobst are happy to report that great progress has already been made, with the company reaching 49 points and earning a bronze medal.

“This is of course just a step forward, not the end of the journey,” according to Gabriel Migy, Head of Corporate Sustainability. “Bobst has a long-standing tradition of being at the forefront of offering good social conditions to its employees, standing alongside them and their families in good or challenging times, setting best-in-class practices in health & safety and encouraging the development of people’s skills through training and mobility. However, today, sustainability has a much larger meaning, ranging from calculating our products’ carbon footprint, to encouraging diversity in management or ensuring IT security. Even if we remain a small company compared to the biggest multinationals, we are part of the leaders in our field and plan to do our part to address the major global issues. As usual, we intend to do it in a pragmatic way, not to greenwash but to have tangible results through science-based approaches in a Plan / Do / Check / Adjust manner. We have already improved quite quickly since the first evaluation, and I am quite confident that we will do better in the ones to come.”

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