Latest developments from American Baler Co

Bellevue, Ohio-based American Baler Co has introduced the new 5042WN-10T50 to corrugated box and packaging manufactures. This wider baler has increased bale weights by 50% and reduces material handling by 36% (loading/unloading a truck – 9 trips vs 14). Bigger bales also means less wire cost. The larger charge opening and faster cycle time makes the machine 40% more productive than typical balers in this field.

The 5042WN-10T50 has the features that have made American Baler successful within many industries. The single cylinder tension system is the standard in the industry and accounts for the heavier bales. The wire tie system features the only tier that pulls the wire vs pushing the wire to the knotting process. New this year is a clear Lexan (polycarbonate) safety cover on the tier module that replaces the expanded metal. This improves visibility and the tier unit on rollers makes it easier to clean and maintain.


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