Latest Automation Software Maintenance from ABB

ABB has launched its latest Automation Software Maintenance (ASM) lifecycle management program to cover the software related to Paper Machine Drives (PMC800) and Pulp and Paper Process Control Library (PPLib800xA). The new service offering is an extension of ABB’s ASM program, and complements the Quality Control System (QCS) ASM program that was introduced in January 2023.

The basis of all ASM programs is to offer a tiered subscription service that enables system evolution from older versions to the latest and/or provide on-demand access to regular software updates that include incremental improvements, patches and new features. This proactive system management helps pulp, paper, packaging and tissue mills to maximize their system investment and reduce maintenance and support costs.

The enhanced ASM lifecycle management program for automation and drives is available to customers from June 30, 2023.

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