LasX Industries seal partnership

LasX Industries, Inc., manufacturer of high performance laser converting systems and services, has entered into a partnership with Dr. Wirth Grafische Technik GmbH for the distribution of LasX Industries laser systems throughout the DACH region. William Dinauer, President of LasX Industries and Wolfgang Dammer, Managing Director of Dr. Wirth Grafische Technik signed the agreement together at the beginning of September.

As a third-generation company, Dr. Wirth began as a regional printing press company and developed into an international group with branches in Germany and abroad. Their focus is in the graphic arts industry throughout Germany, Central Europe and China. Colordyne Technologies, DCM, HELL Gravure Systems, AMS Spectral UV, Versor and Miyakoshi are all part of Dr. Wirth’s extensive product portfolio. “Our partnership with LasX provides a broad range of new possibilities in the field of package and print processing,” said Dammer. “Their comprehensive laser processing systems combines tailor-made laser cutting, scoring and perforating processes with instant conversion technology, eliminating the need for costly tools and expensive set-up times and resulting in faster delivery. Their systems can be integrated into both commercial and package printing machines to create a complete digital workflow from start to finish.”

“With Dr. Wirth’s decades of industry experience and extensive knowledge of the graphics industries, they are an ideal partner to represent LasX throughout the DACH region,” concluded Dinauer.

L to R: Wolfgang Dammer (Dr. Wirth Grafische Technik GmbH) and William Dinauer (LasX Industries).

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