Large turnout for INX meeting

The largest group in recent times — 32 people representing 16 countries — took part in the INX International Ink Co. bi-annual International Partners and Distributors meeting, September 13-14. Multiple presentations were held both days — with a group dinner on the first night — during the event that was conducted at INX’s Research & Development facility in suburban West Chicago.

“It was a well attended meeting. There were many items to cover on the agenda and it all went very smoothly,” remarked Rick Clendenning, INX International Ink Co. President and CEO. “Since our last group meeting two years ago, we’ve experienced significant growth on a global level. Our expansion program in the U.S. and other parts of the world has been very successful. I believe we are well positioned to continue on this path into 2018.”

Jonathan Ellaby, Vice President of International Operations, welcomed all of the participants. Included in the group was a member of Brazil’s Creative Inks that INX purchased in December 2016. Four presentations were offered, ranging from solvent and water-based inks to updates on the offset division and 3-piece metal decorating.  

The digital side of the business opened and closed the session on Sept. 14. INX managers delivered reports on digital inks and printers, and discussed EHS issues, 2-piece metal decorating and color changing advancements.  

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