Landa Digital Printing appointment

Benny Landa, Chairman of the Landa Group, has confirmed the appointment of Asher Levy to the position of Active Chairman of Landa Digital Printing, the largest of the Group’s eighteen companies.

“Last year was a pivotal year for Landa Digital Printing, which saw its first press installations being enthusiastically received by customers,” stated Landa.

Levy stated, “I am excited to be joining the Board of Landa Digital Printing as Active Chairman. I am amazed by this company’s technology and products, which are already starting to disrupt the printing market. I look forward to helping the remarkably talented and dedicated team of people at Landa Digital Printing to fulfill the Company’s vision of leading the trillion-dollar printing industry in the digital era.”

Asher Levy

Asher Levy, the new Active Chairman at LDP.

Landa also stated that Yishai Amir, who has been LDP’s CEO for the past four years, has stepped down. Amir stated, “During the past four years, I have been at the helm of Landa Digital Printing. During that time, it has transitioned from being a company with great technology to a company with great products. I am proud of having been part of that transformation.”

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