Lamina Gluer 1400GL for PHU Zinpak

Earlier this year, PHU Zinpak based in Poland installed a Lamina Gluer 1400GL machine from Lamina System AB.

Left to right: Krzysztof Piosik, Olga Sawicka-Wolniak, Natalia Frąckowiak, Izabela Sawicka (owner), Jarosław Sawicki (owner), Łukasz Poręba, Paweł Wolniak, Michael Persson (Lamina System) and Piotr Wojtko (agent for Lamina System).

PHU Zinpak is a company established in 2005 specialising in corrugated board packaging and POS production, flexibly responding to customer needs. The Lamina Gluer 1400GL glue machine has supplemented the company’s machine park by increasing production capacity, speeding up order processing.

“This machine will definitely speed up the production of packaging, which until now was glued by hand, explains Jaroslaw Sawicki, Owner. “The undoubted advantage of the Gluer is the short tooling time. The operator can set the machine for another order within 10 mins if necessary. We have also noted low glue consumption and high precision and repeatability, which were impossible to achieve with manual gluing.”


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