Lamina GL for Sericum-Grafiser

Madrid, Spain-based Sericum-Grafiser in have recently installed a new GL from Lamina System AB.

Left to right: Ramón Sayans (CEO) and Victor Arocena (Production).

“At Sericum-Grafiser we have been dedicated to large-format screen printing for outdoor advertising for 54 years,” explains Ramón Sayans, CEO. “Many years ago, the evolution of the market and technology led us to invest in new printing systems such as UVI Offset or Large Format Digital Printing. We currently offer a comprehensive customer service covering a large part of their graphic needs, perfectly combining these different printing systems. We are specialists in POS, corporeal, displays, product containers, window stickers, floor stickers, box pallets, aerials, refrigerators, cold cabinets, general signage, billboards, canopies, telephone booths, advertising stickers, vehicle integrals and more.”

He continues, “With the aim of automating processes and being more agile in production deadlines, we have installed a Lamina System GL for the automatic placement of double-sided tape and hot glue. Most displays and POPs need to be delivered semi-assembled and ready to be quickly placed at the point of sale, and to do so it is necessary to apply double-sided adhesive tape or glue flaps, a process that was done manually and took a lot of time.  Now, with the Lamina GL, the reduction in handling time is approximately 70%, the completion is precise and allows us to meet delivery deadlines, always very tight, with ease.”

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