Kruger launches XTR linerboard

Montréal-based Kruger Inc. announced that it has completed the start-up phase of its No. 10 linerboard machine and begun production of XTR, a next-generation product offering one of the highest strength-to-basis-weight ratios in North America. XTR is 100% recycled and backed by Kruger’s 50+ years of experience in the production of eco-friendly containerboard products.

The completion of the PM10 rebuild was on schedule and on budget, after 500,000 hours of construction work over a period of 20 months. The company invested $250 million in the project to ensure optimal results, implementing the best and latest linerboard manufacturing technologies from around the world in every section of the machine. PM10’s recycled pulp is being supplied by a newly built OCC plant that is fully integrated to feed the production line with clean, high quality, high strength pulp.  

“XTR linerboard is designed to surpass industry standards in terms of performance, efficiency and quality, and to deliver higher strength using lighter weight corrugated material,” said Michael Lafave, Chief Operating Officer of Kruger Packaging L.P. “This will enable corrugated sheet plants and box producers to refibre their corrugated structure while reducing their costs.”

PM10 has an annual production capacity of 360,000 metric tonnes, which will be sold to corrugated packaging facilities across Canada and the United States.

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