Komori to Acquire MBO

Komori Corporation has signed a basic agreement with the MBO Group, a global company based in Germany that specializes in the manufacture and sale of post-press equipment, regarding the acquisition of a 100% equity stake in the latter with the aim of making it a Komori subsidiary.  

Although Komori has developed the offset printing press business as its core operation, it is currently pushing ahead with transforming its business structure under the Sixth Medium-Term Management Plan (April 2019 – March 2024) in line with the plan’s key strategy aimed at expanding Komori’s range of marketing. In particular, Komori has been focused on developing the Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP) business since 2009 and has launched the marketing of paper cutters, diecutters, blanking machines, pile turning machines and other post-press equipment that supports package printing.

The MBO Group’s operations do not overlap with those undertaken by Komori. Through the acquisition, Komori expects to be able to market unique products that will support its PESP business. Specifically, it will help introduce post-press solutions for commercial printing, a new field for Komori. When coupled with IoT-based cloud solutions, KP-Connect that Komori is promoting on a global basis, the MBO Group’s products will also help provide customers with robust, seamless printing production systems that include post-press processing. Komori is also looking to develop new solutions through the combination of the MBO Group’s technologies and Komori’s DPS, offset printing presses and other key products. 

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