Kolbus secures first European sale of four-colour RD 115S

Kolbus has recently confirmed the sale of a four colour Kolbus RD 115S, with slotting and die-cutting section, to the first European customer.

This milestone follows the successful installation of four other RD 115S machines in North America and the placement of a demonstration unit in Germany.

“We are thrilled to introduce the RD 115S to the European market,” said Henning Meier, Director of Sales, Kolbus GmbH. “The recommendations from existing U.S. customers and successful installations in North America, have paved the way for this significant achievement. Our European customers can now experience firsthand the superior performance and reliability that the RD 115S offers.”

Kolbus says the new European customer will leverage the RD 115S to enhance their production capabilities and offer more innovative packaging solutions to their customers. The RD 115S’s ability to perform complex printing, slotting, and die-cutting in a single pass makes it an invaluable asset for businesses looking to streamline operations and increase output.

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