KMSS investing in staff and infrastructure

KM Software Systems continues its growth with the appointment of an additional member of its software development team. Delphi specialist, Gabriella Herk, will help the company develop new functionality and add-on modules for SPOCS products. The company has also made investments in programming infrastructure and its on-line support system.

Clive Corner, Managing Director of KMSS, said, “As with any type of product, you have to invest in it to ensure that your cusotmers see new benefits. In the past eighteen months alone, we have upgraded our programming software to allow us to react more quickly to any changes that are needed, we’ve moved our on-line support system to new servers to ensure ongoing reliability and we have launched the second generation of PalletScan 2, our wireless stock control module which is proving very popular with customers. Appointing Gabriella will give us extra development capacity and will help us ensure that SPOCS remains the most flexible and most powerful system available for easing the headaches that come with running a corrugated sheet plant.”

Lisbeth Corner, Marketing Director at KMSS, said, “Our team need to have very specific skills to develop software for the sheet plant sector. The position attracted applications from all over the world, but we expected that it might take a while to find someone with the right skill set. Now that Gabriella is on-board, we will be able to take SPOCS forward even faster.”

One of the new SPOCS developments soon to be released is a tablet-based Supervisor Module that will give shop floor supervisors or managers access to live production information on the move, allowing them to be aware of production issues wherever they are in the plant. Mr Corner concludes, “Tablet computers are ideal for having quick and easy access to information. But data security can be an issue with any device that could potentially be taken away from the plant. Just like our WebCRM module, the Supervisor Module gives staff access to the data but the data itself never goes off-site, so it is very safe from a data security point of view.”



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