Kite Packaging launches Kite Knife

Engineered with usability in mind, the Kite Knife is a multipurpose tool perfect for various warehouse uses, eradicating the need for multiple knives and cutters in the workplace. Boasting versatility, it offers businesses an environmentally and economically smart sustainable solution for reducing waste and cutting costs.

Comprising of a stainless-steel blade, the Kite Knife is highly durable and corrosion resistant in quality. Further to this, the impact and chemical-resistant handle adds to the knifeā€™s overall strength.

Whether you use it to cut hand holes into boxes or to cut multi-score boxes down to size, the specially designed serrated blade and rounded tip act as a safety feature. This provides protection from injuries commonly associated with box cutters and knives, whilst simultaneously delivering the cleanest of cuts with speed and efficiency.

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