Kite enroll five employees into a Packaging Professional degree

A new degree course offered by Sheffield Hallam University in the UK has commenced in January 2022: the BSc (Honours) Packaging Professional degree apprenticeship. There are 12 places on the first course, five of which are occupied by employees of Kite Packaging keen to become experts in their field to support the continued growth of the largest online packaging distributor in the UK.

Kite have heavily invested in the personal growth and training of their staff since their founding when they began their graduate scheme in the same year. This new qualification combines the studying of a university course alongside 30+ hours of employment a week, thus allowing the individuals to gain invaluable industry experience in addition to specialist learning. This aligns with Kite’s values of work ethic partnered with perpetual education.

Over the four years, the course will cover a range of modules including Art & Design aspects of packaging with sustainability, project management and analytical considerations. Additionally, engineering areas such as materials science, testing & regulations and manufacturing & production will be taught in depth, completed with Personal Professional Development studies. By being able to apply the learning directly into a workplace, the employee is granted an excellent balance of theory understanding and hands-on training.

The students will gain a specialised qualification without having to pay any student fees all while earning a salary, and the company will acquire highly skilled workers equipped with the knowledge to shape the future of the packaging industry. As a company powered by employee share-ownership, Kite is dedicated to the continual growth of its individuals for the amplified benefit of the group as a whole.

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