CorruCase aids India in their fight against COVID-19

India-based corrugated packaging producer, CorruCase, has developed a range of ‘Corru Beds’, a style of corrugated beds to aid India in their current fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. These disposable corrugated beds have helped to set up large scale quarantine centres at a rapid pace.

“In the recent days, we have made around 2,000 beds and are expecting another few thousand in the coming days,” said Ayush Khetan, Managing Director of CorruCase. “We are honoured to be able to help India rapidly scale up the urgent demand of beds and help solve the problem of shortage of beds with this innovative product.”

“One good thing to come out of this pandemic has been the corrugated industry‚Äôs capability to adapt and innovate to respond to urgent needs of the world,” adds Khetan.

CorruCase is able to produce around 1,500 beds per day, which are then loaded and transported to places in need. This combination of production capacity and portability makes it an ideal solution for the current situation, apart from it being eco-friendly and economical.

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