Keskeny boosts pharma capacity with MASTERFOLD 110 G and EXPERTFOLD 110

As one of the largest family-owned printing companies in Hungary, Budapest-based Keskeny Printing & Packaging employs more than 400 people and operates a state-of-the-art machine park from its 14,000 sqm premises and offers a diverse range of products, including folding cartons, rigid gift boxes and corrugated packaging.

Keskeny Printing & Packaging purchased its first BOBST machine in 2011, and today operates five machines from the Bobst range. The business identified that the pharmaceutical sector was set for continued growth and as a result, Keskeny Printing & Packaging would see production demand increasing. In response, the printer made its most recent purchase of a Bobst EXPERTFOLD 110 folder-gluer, predominantly for use in its pharma sector packaging manufacturing operations. The installation follows the addition of a MASTERFOLD 110 folder-gluer in 2021.

Árpád Keskeny Jr., CEO, Keskeny Printing & Packaging, explains, “Our production capabilities cover a wide spectrum of products for our core markets, so for us it’s vital that we are serving the needs of our customers in the best possible way. A large proportion of our business is reaching the luxury brand market, so everything we do has to reflect that. We cannot compromise accuracy, precision and quality for speed.

“By adding a new Expertfold 110 and Masterfold 110 to our machine lineup, we are directly boosting our capabilities to match the market. Importantly for us, with high-performance folder-gluers, we are also separating the gluing process from construction, keeping clear distinctions for a more effective and clean production process. For example, with Expertfold 110, we execute single-point gluing and apply braille embossing. On the Masterfold, we plan more complicated operations, such as special or multiple gluing, or the use of corrugated board. By keeping our operations grouped, we achieve increased production capacity, and we have faster reaction times for our customers. In essence, we can achieve more!”

Árpád continues, “We sought solutions that could enhance our production workflows with speed and automation. Expertfold and Masterfold both achieve this, providing fast setup on even the most complicated constructions. For us, it’s a guarantee of efficiency as well as high production quality. Straight away, we feel the benefits of these high-performance machines. We increased our production capacity on crash-lock bottom by around 90%, which is an incredible accomplishment. Even more impressive is our 4-corner boxes, where we have reached a capacity nearly five times greater.”

He adds, “Outside of its core function, one of the strongest advantages of the Bobst equipment is that as well as being more complex in what it can accomplish, it’s compact and flexible. It gives us more setting options than competitor machines can manage, and the folding and gluing end solutions have extended variation options.”

Árpád concludes, “Over recent years, speed and reliability have climbed to the top of our agenda and are more crucial to the pharma industry than ever before as the market continues expanding. That’s why it’s so important that we have the technology to supply this for our customers, which makes Bobst a natural fit for our business.”


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