KBA Rapida 164 for Printcenter Eesti

A few weeks ago, Printcenter Eesti in Maardu/Estonia received a five-colour KBA Rapida 164 with coater and triple delivery extension. Although this was a routine delivery for KBA-Sheetfed, the German Statistical Office confirmed that ‘an export of this size has never gone to Estonia.’

The packaging and display printer east of Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, has operated medium-format Rapida sheetfed offset presses for many years. This is in addition to its digital and screen printing systems. Now the company is entering the large-format sheetfed offset market. 80 per cent of Printcenter Eesti’s products are exported to northern Europe.

The Rapida 164 was configured especially for the production of POS displays. Printcenter Eesti believes its greatest expertise lies in this field and sees potential for growth here. The press features an extra package for handling microflute and solid board, it is raised by 210mm (8.26in) and has been optimised for thick substrates and small jobs. DriveTronic SIS sidelay-free infeed, fully automatic plate changers, EasyClean ink ducts with non-stick coating for fast cleaning when changing inks, CleanTronic Synchro permitting simultaneous washing processes as well as a height-adjustable nonstop roller facility and VariDryBLUE drying systems all ensure short makeready times and a high level of efficiency. Quality is controlled by ErgoTronic ColorControl.

Printcenter Eesti has taken a huge leap forward in terms of expanding capacity with this jumbo sheetfed offset press. At the same time the country’s largest format sheetfed offset press also enhances the cost effectiveness of the company’s printing process. Sven Strzelczyk, sales director at KBA-Sheetfed, said, “Printcenter has come back to KBA as the owner sees that the Rapida has always been the most reliable press in his printing plant. It is great that a further KBA sheetfed offset press is in operation in the Baltic area.”

KBA for Estonia
The Rapida 164 is taking shape in the press room and will be put into operation in a few days. Shown here field technicians from KBA-Sheetfed with Printcenter Eesti general manager Sten Seene

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