Kalas Packaging goes digital

HP Inc has confirmed that Lincolnshire-based specialist packaging supplier, Kalas Packaging, has purchased the first ever HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press in the UK. The digital folding carton press was delivered to the company’s Boston headquarters at the end of October and is expected to be fully operational early next year when it is moved into the company’s new building extension.

The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press will allow Kalas Packaging to move into new business areas, diversifying from horticural labels which are, at present, the company’s primary source of business. “Our current core business of printed plastic horticultural care cards will be hugely complimented by this new addition to our portfolio. The HP Indigo 30000 will allow us to move into other niche commercial packaging markets and print on a vast array of synthetic and specialist board substrates requiring only small make readies,” commented Matthew Evans, Sales Director, Kalas Packaging. “We know there are great opportunities to target and even create new markets in short-run, personalised and variable data packaging. With HP Indigo’s proven track record, we aim to effectively leverage this technology in the sheet fed packaging arena.”

As Kalas Packaging’s Managing Director, Jonathan Padley, explains, the benefits of the press for the company will be far-reaching. “We are very excited about the installation of the HP Indigo 30000. We have always operated in niche sectors and the capabilities of this equipment offer limitless opportunities for our customers to engage with their consumers. With the latest HP technology, we’ll be able to maximise a host of new possibilities, including creating customised and personalised packaging, as well as incorporating virtual and augmented reality elements and track and trace capabilities that engage with cloud-based smartphone recognition apps.”

Indigo 30000 for Kalas Packaging

Equipped with an inline priming system, the press is able to print on substrates from 250 to 600 microns, enabling the production of almost any box, sleeve, or blister application in offset quality. According to HP, it is this substrate versatility which makes the HP Indigo 30000 the ideal solution for Kalas Packaging. “We have formed a close relationship with Kalas over recent months, working together to provide a short run digital solution that satisfies both their folding carton needs and the more extreme outdoor requirements for printing horticultural labels,” explained John Harrison, Account Manager, HP Indigo. “The HP Indigo 30000’s ability to print on a huge range of cartonboard, metallised and synthetic substrates, including PVC, polypropylene and PET, will open up a range of opportunities for their company.”

The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press will provide Kalas Packaging with an important competitive edge, offering with zero setup, minimal waste, and easy versioning capabilities to deliver shorter runs and faster turnaround time. With a maximum sheet size of 75 x 53cm, the press covers the vast majority of folding carton jobs, and is also able to reach speeds of up to 4600 full colour sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode.

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