Jokolade presents fair chocolate in a sustainable display from Thimm

Thimm has designed a customised display for the relaunch of fair chocolate bars and the market launch of new bars from Jokolade. For the secondary placement at the POS, the focus is on sustainability – and the display not only fulfils this visually; made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard it can be easily returned to the reusable material cycle.

When TV personality Joko Winterscheidt launched Jokolade, his own Fairtrade-certified chocolate onto the market in 2021, production has focused primarily on responsibility, sustainability and transparency. The young company has made it its mission to shed light on shortcomings in the cocoa industry and improve production conditions.

Two years after the launch of the first Jokolade varieties, the formulations of the existing varieties have now been improved and the range expanded. To coincide with the start of summer Jokolade is launching a limited summer variety onto the market along with some new chocolate bars. To reinforce the brand presence during this period Jokolade is using a customised display designed by Thimm for a secondary placement at the POS.

Sustainability has also played a key role in the development of the intricate 1/4 display. The 155 cm high display was produced in sturdy EE doublewall board. The natural brown of the outer liner is also part of the design concept of the display which is why there is only minimal black printing of the Jokolade brand name on the base and on the folded, angled display tray with its six facings. However, the communication surfaces on the topper and on the coloured panels on the display also attract attention. These elements were printed digitally using environmentally friendly, water-based inks.

With two corrugated flaps, the topper can be easily inserted into the tray. This increases the lifespan of the display as the topper can be replaced in just a few simple steps when there is a new campaign at the POS. The same applies to the panels in the display tray itself as these can be arranged in the display in different ways, as can the product trays which hold the different sizes of chocolate bars. The positioning of the panels ensures the customer’s attention is attracted specifically to the products at the POS.

The back wall of the product trays, from which the customer can remove the chocolate bars, is angled slightly backwards. This helps to ensure that products do not tip forwards when removed, but backwards. This also means that the customer always has a direct view of the front of the product on shelves or in the display.

Thimm developers have therefore come up with something special for the placement of the product trays inside the display. To compensate for the angle so that the product trays can be placed upright in the facings, the entire display tray has been designed at the same angle. This ensures that products are easy to pick up and the display is easy to see. The angled display tray is fixed to the base, which means it stands upright.

The sustainability aspect concludes with the disposal of the display; since paper is the only material used in the entire design of the customised display and no additional plastic parts are used, the display can be completely returned to the reusable material cycle.

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