John Rawson to retire

John Rawson, Area Sales Manager – UK and Ireland for EMBA Machinery AB, has decided to retire during the Autumn, after more than 20 years of service for EMBA.

“John has been dedicated to customer service and has developed numerous long term partnerships between customers and EMBA, resulting in EMBA being a leading machine supplier to UK and Ireland,” says Esa Koski, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

EMBA has now appointed C-TEC Systems to take over as a sales agent for the UK and Ireland, with immediate effect.

Paul Corris of C-TEC Systems, says, “We are delighted to be appointed as UK and Ireland Agents for EMBA Machinery AB and are looking forward to maintaining existing long standing customer relationships and developing new opportunities in our market.

The appointment comes at an excellent time, as we have long since admired their equipment and with the recent introduction of a series of exciting new innovations, we feel that the range of EMBA flexo folder gluers are well placed to offer excellent all round performance and value for money. We would also like to thank John Rawson for his help and assistance in the lead up to this change and wish him a long and happy retirement.”

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