Jim Curley Inducted Into AICC Hall of Fame

Jim Curley, Vice President and Senior Editor of NV Business Publications, was inducted into the AICC/RISI Hall of Fame during the AICC 2017 Annual Meeting in September in Las Vegas, Nevada. A consummate journalist who forged strong ties with independent as well as integrated executives and association leaders, he was honored for his commitment and dedication to telling the industry’s story. For more than 30 years, Curley has covered the board converting industry for Board Converting News, Flexo Market News and Corrugated Today.

 “Jim has been very good over the years about bringing problems that box makers experienced to light,” said AICC President Steve Young. “I’ve never heard an opinion from him that didn’t lift up the corrugated box industry, especially the independents. I think of him as the ‘Cheerleader in Chief’ of the industry.”

Over the years, Curley has visited hundreds of box plants and attended countless industry-related events around the world, establishing trusted sources and lasting friendships along the way. His high moral standards, friendly demeanor and conscientious approach to sensitive topics elevated his status in the eyes of many industry leaders, especially independents. “Jim has always been a stalwart representative of the independents and their position in the industry,” said Mike D’Angelo, AICC Vice President. “He is a good steward of the paperboard-based packaging industry.”

“Jim took so much pride in what he did and Board Converting News was like a baby to him,” said Tom Vilardi, NV President and Publisher. “Jim was always the first one in the office. He would arrive at 6:30 or 7 a.m. and was always the last one out. He loved what he did, he loved the industry, he loved the people.”

Curley is semi-retired, however, he continues to work part-time, writing articles on a regular basis for NV Publications.

From left, Mike D’Angelo, Steve Young, Jim Curley and Will Mies of RISI

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