JETS300 corrugator Open House

On 17th-18th December, J.S. Machine held a dedicated Open House event to showcase its JETS 300 corrugator. The event was held at J.S. Machine customer, Atasan Ambalaj in Gaziantep, Turkey. Over 70 customers from five countries attended the show.

The installation of the corrugator was started in August and the machine was put into full production in November. This corrugator is designed to run at 300m per min with a working width of 1.8m.

The manufacturer explains that the JETS300 corrugator has many features to assist in the efficient production of high quality corrugated board. Thanks to its intelligent controls, less labor is needed to run the line, it is energy efficient, all of which brings greater ROI for companies who choose this machine. During the show, the corrugator was seen running at an average speed of 286m/min for single wall board production.

The machine was sold through J.S. Machine’s Turkish facility, which was established in Istanbul in 2003. The facility covers Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Jordon and other countries in the area. Mr Hanimet, Sales Director of J.S. Machine Turkey, said, “Our sincere thanks to Atasan for allowing us to host a JETS300 Open House at their factory in Gaziantep. The event was a huge success and feedback from the customers who attended has already been most positive.”

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